Elementary Attendance

  • PowerSchool Attendance for MRSD Elementary Teachers

    Log On...you will find your log on screen at


    Enter the user name and password you use to access any computer on the MRSD domain

    Most of you will only see one class listed.  For those using PS for grades, please choose your homeroom.  This is the only class we will need to take attendance in.


    Click on the little chair icon.

    Click the little arrow to open the attendance code menu.  You will only need three codes...Present, AU and TU.  Present is automatic, so the only time you will select this is to remove an Absent or a Tardy entered in error.  Choose AU now to enter students who are absent today.


    Click in the little box next to a student who is absent.  The code goes in automatically.  Continue for absent and tardy students.

    Click the submit button to submit your attendance.  You must do this once per day, but if a student comes in tardy within a few minutes of doing it, you can correct it and submit again.  If all are present, there is no need to click in any student boxes, just open the attendance icon and click submit.





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