End of Year Grade Turn-In

  • Finish Quarter 4 traditional grades

    When they are completed, Click on box to declare complete (see Illustration 1 and Illustration 2 to right)


    Add Quarter 4 Rubric grades - these will be stored and used in district reports, but will not be sent out with report cards this time.



    Complete E2 grades.  Make your E2 assignment due on June 29.  (NOTHING should be due on June 28 or 30)  You will not be able to declare this marking period complete because it will not have officially started yet as far as PowerSchool is concerned.  Leave it "in progress"

    Complete Y1 grades (or S2 grades if Y1 is not a choice).  These will calculate automatically, but sometimes they will need a manual entry - in the case of an Incomplete or to award a little extra credit when it is deserved.  Once these are complete, Click the button to declare them finished.





    Print Reports:  Go to Reports at the top of the page








    For each class, print the Scoresheet Report.  I am only interested in Quarter, Exam and Yearly Final Grades, so on the line that asks for what to include, Check the box next to "Final Grade", Select ALL in the "term" box, and UNCHECK the little box next to "Assignments"  At the bottom of the page, click on "Run Report".





    Look these reports over carefully.  They become "gospel" when you are not around.  Look to see if any Incompletes remain, and if they do, please highlight them so you can reassure me they are there on purpose - and remember that if a Quarter grade is incomplete, the Year or Semester grade needs to remain incomplete as well.

    Staple your scoresheet reports together and sign the top page, indicating that the grades in this report are the correct grades for these students.

    Bring your reports to me along with your sign-out sheet, and we'll say "so long" for the summer!  (you may bring chocolate if you like)

illustration 1.png
illustration 2.png