Adding Comments for Progress Reports

  • To add comments for Progress Reports:

    First, launch the Gradebook and be sure you are looking at the scoresheet tab.

    Next - be sure that you are viewing the correct marking period (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) 


     When you are sure about the term - click on a cell in the Final Average column


    Click in one of the cells in the GRADE column to open the score inspector on the right-hand side of the screen.  Once it is open, click on the speech bubble.



     You can choose to write your own comment




    There are two ways to add comments.  The first is just to type a comment in to the big text box.  Don't feel like you need to fill this box - we're limited on space - so a couple of personal lines about the student is fine and will greatly enhance communication between school and home.


    The other way is to use pre-written comments from the comment bank.  Click on the button marked "comment bank" 



    You can choose more than one of the canned comments.

    The list of comments will appear.  You may highlight a comment and click on Insert Selected (in fact, you may do this for two or three comments if you wish.)  If you plan to use a particular comment many times, click on the star to the right of it to make it a favorite, and it will appear at the top of the list from now on.


    The biggest mistake people tend to make here is not being certain which term your comments are going in to.  The other thing to remember here is that these do not automatically clear out between Progress Reports and Report Cards.  You will need to go in and delete them if they do not still apply to the student.