A Note to HS/MS Teachers

  • NEWS!  New PTP reports available!


    Beginning today - 2/27/19 - you will find 7 new reports available to you in PowerTeacher Pro.  To see these new reports, look at the left pane of PTP and you will see a new tab at the top labeled "Class"


    Class Tab


    The reports look useful to me.  Try them each out!  I think you will find that they have some info arranged in ways that should help you to save time.


    The first report in the list is "Assignments Summary".  This one should help you to find inconsistencies if you are wondering why PowerSchool is all of a sudden calculating wildly.  When you roll over the headings, if your mouse icon turns to a hand, it means you can sort the information on that field.

    Assign Summ 1


    The empty boxes directly below the field names are for filtering.  In this example, we are looking at only Q2 assignments in the Test category.  I have selected the Q2 tab and put Test into the Category filter box.

    Assign Summ 2

    Have a look!


    Attendance Report


    The attendance report comes with a mixed blessing.  I would caution you to use it wisely - but it could prove useful.


    In this example, I have used the filtering boxes to look at only Seniors who have been absent from MY CLASS for more than 3 days.  The Daily Attendance is calculated by the system, and may not match anything you can check out - so while it is an indicator in the case of excessive absence it is not going to match our "daily" attendance exactly.


    Class Roster Verification is just what it sounds like.  It shows you the students currently assigned to your class.



    The only thing I can think of that you will use this for is if a student starts missing a lot and you want to know if they have left the class without anyone telling you.  You will see that there is a section of Active students and a section for Dropped students.  If you see "active" students you believe have left the class, please let the counselors know.


    Grades Verification

     This could make those reminder emails from me extinct!  This report shows you each grading period and the Stored grade/live gradebook grade.  If a stored grade does not match the current grade it will be highlighted in yellow.


    If you could really see this example - you would see that the cell highlighted in yellow has both grades showing A-.  But the stored grade is 93 and the live gradebook grade is 91.  This is something we want to avoid.  Please have a look at these reports for your class and either change your gradebook to the stored grade or tell me to change the stored grade to the correct one.  I know sometimes it seems silly to send an email when the letter grade didn't change - but having these grades match is much cleaner data - and diminishes student and parent concerns regarding the integrity of our grading systems.


    The Standards List report will be the same for every class at this point.  However it will really be helpful in the future when we start using standards in our grading.  Right now it just shows the PRIDE rubric for each class.


    Student Email

    This is just to make life a bit easier for you.  This information exists in PowerTeacher, but with this report you don't have to go back and forth between PowerTeacher and PTP.  I do not know why so many email addresses are missing - need to find out which field this comes from.  But - the phone number is the one we have on file to call first in case of snow day.


    Test Scores

    This one will not be as useful as we are using Performance Matters now.  It contains all the test scores we have in PowerSchool for each student in a given class.  When I ran this one for Mike's Personal Finance class it returned NO results - I believe because the students are younger and we began adding scores to different places.  You will see by the colored boxes instead of names that all the test scores for a given student are there - a line at a time.  You can sort or filter this report as well.

    Test Scores


    There they are!  They came as a package deal - so I have described them all to you.  Enjoy!









    Happy 2018-2019 Year!

    *Please take some time and set up your Year-Long grade calculations for each class.  Because the district does not dictate a particular formula, it is up to each of you to set these percentages up.  If you do it NOW, it will be ready for the year, and you will not have big issues later.  Remember that each class must be set up separately.  Look in my Power School Help page for more information on this.


    *I have set up the grading terms for this year.  You should either print this out or write it somewhere in your gradebook.  It may change as we rack up snow days.


    Q1 assignments must be "DUE" between 8/29/18  and 11/2/18.

    Q2 grades must be "DUE" 11/5/18 through 1/18/19.  (the classes will not switch now - but any assignment made DUE after 1/13/16 will not count in Quarter 2 grade)

    E1 grades should be made "DUE" on 1/19/19 or 1/20/19.  That way they will count in Semester one grades the way we need them to for calculation of the year long grade.

    Q3 assignments must be "DUE" on 1/22/19 through 3/29/19.  

    Q4 assignments must be "DUE" on 4/1/19 through 6/08/19. 

    E2 Final Exam assignment should be either6/9/19 or 6/10/19.


    Of course - depending on snow days, we may have to change some of these dates.  When you find we are close to the change of semester, come back and check again.

    *I am, as always, available to help if you need help.  My phone extension is 6968 and I work in the little building half-way between the High School and the SAU building.


    Have a WONDERFUL school year!