Elementary PowerSchool News

  • So...What do you think?

    We have successfully collected standards grades and printed out report cards for Trimester 1 in all of our Elementary Schools.  These report cards should be very helpful in parent-teacher conferences this week.  I'm anxious to hear how the parents have responded!
    During the process we learned a little about how our grades need to be collected.  (I am, after all, the "data collection support specialist", so I do encourage you to look at my help page regarding collection of standards grades.)
    The biggest thing for us to remember is that these grades need to go into the correct "store code".  T1, T2 and T3 are all available to you.  Please be sure to check which is showing when you go in to put in grades.
    Remember - I am here to help!  You may email me or send a helpdesk request (I see and respond to IT helpdesk requests)  I am happy to help.